ESTD : 1946

Sarvajanik Education Society


“Good leaders follow the rules great leaders change them”

The Establishment of Sir Kikabhai Premchand College of Commerce was a landmark in the growth and development of the Sarvajanik Education Society. This new institution of higher education in commerce, started by the society in 1946, owed its existence to the generous donation of Rs. 1,00225/- by Sir Kikabhai Premchand ,then president of the society.In 1945 Sir Kikabhai Premchand,who had been greatly impressed by the educational activities of the society. Made over to it 100 ordinary shares of the Fort Gloster Jute Manufacturing Co.Ltd. And 50 shares of the Hukamchand Jute Mills Ltd. Of the market value of Rs. 1,00225/- on the conditions that the society should start a commerce college within two years i.e. by June 1947, that the amount of the donation should be utilized towards the construction of a building for the commerce college and that a minimum amount of Rs. 3,00,000/- should be collected by the society for starting and maintaining the college.

The Managing Committee of the Society accepted the donation with thanks to its President and began to make arrangement for starting the commerce college. An application was sent to the University of Bombay in August 1945. The Local Inquiry Committee appointed by the University for the purpose visited Surat on 23rd December 1945 and the Senate of the University recommended to the Government in March 1946 the affiliation of the commerce college for teaching of courses leading up to intermediate commerce class for two years in the first instance.

The college was named as Sir Kikabhai Premchand College of Commerce and it started working from June 20, 1946 with a total number of 181 students.

The opening ceremony of the College was performed by Honable Shri B.G.Kher, Prime Minister, Government of Bombay, on June 3, 1946.

The plot situated to the north-east of the M.T.B. College was allotted to Sir K.P.College of Commerce for its building and 22nd March 1948,the Sarvajanik Education Society got the foundation stone of the building laid by his Excellency Raja Sir Maharaj Singh ,C.I.F., the Governor of Bombay.

From June 1948, the college provided instruction in all the three optional subject at the intermediate commerce level and Advanced Accountancy and Auditing, Cotton Economics and Statistics at B.Com. Level. The introduction of the teaching of Statistics as an optional subject proved to be of great value to the students owing to the paucity of statistician who were badly needed for planning work.

The opening ceremony of new building was performed by “Sheth Kasturbahi Lalbahi” on November 23,1952. Moreover from the new academic year, the college option to purpose M.Com. Studies either through paper studies or through writing dissertations.

In the same year the Surat District Cotton Dealers’ Association, Surat made over Rs. 80,000/- to the Society for research work in Cotton Economics at the Commerce College. In 1995 Sir Pershottamdas Thakordas K. Bombay, donated Rs. 20,000 /-.The societies established the Chair of Cotton Economics College and associated his name with it.

On March 10, 1953, a full-size statue of Diwan Bahadur Gandhi was put in front of the college. It was grateful commemoration of Diwan Bahadur Gandhi’s devoted services to the cause of Education and the Co-operative movement in the District of which he was a pioneer.

The Society purchased a plot of land in Athwa Lines,behind the M.T.B. College play ground ,for the Hostel Building .the foundation were laid in the first term of the year 1953-54.the building was ready for occupation in June was built at a cost of Rs.1,95,000/- and was declared ,open by Shri Moraji Desai ,Chief Minister,Bombay State, on June 19,1955.

First of all we would like to note that our college is the only and the first college which started an English medium class in year 1975.