Welcome to K. P. Commerce College

  • “Good leaders follow the rules great leaders change them.” The Establishment of Sir Kikabhai Premchand College of Commerce was a landmark in the growth and development of the Sarvajanik Education Society. This new institution of higher education in commerce, started by the society in 1946, owed its existence to the generous donation of Rs. 1,00225/- by Sir Kikabhai Premchand ,then president of the society.In 1945 Sir Kikabhai Premchand,who had been greatly impressed by the educational activities of the society. Made over to it 100 ordinary shares of the Fort Gloster Jute Manufacturing Co.Ltd. And 50 shares of the Hukamchand Jute Mills Ltd. Of the market value of Rs. 1,00225/- on the conditions that the society should start a commerce college within two years i.e. by June 1947, that the amount of the donation should be utilized towards the construction of a building for the commerce college and that a minimum amount of Rs. 3,00,000/- should be collected by the society for starting and maintaining the college.

    Sir K. P. College of Commerce NAAC Accredited A Grade with CGPA - 3.02